Returning to School

Everyday seems to bring new information regarding schools’ return in the fall.
Though we are weighing each new suggestion brought to light, we also understand we do not fit into the same mold as many schools these guidelines are recommended for. Here is what we can tell you at this time:

We plan to be open.
We are being prayerful.
We are and will continue to be careful, wise, and use our best judgement.

We understand there are lots of questions regarding the particulars of the safety precautions Mt Zion will be implementing. Subject to change, here is our current plan:

  • Increased cleaning of classrooms
  • Increased sanitization of shared classroom objects
  • Decreasing the number of hot lunches
  • We will not require students to wear mask
  • We will be strongly enforcing our sick student policy.

We cannot wait to have your child back in the classroom this fall!
Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer!


We apologize, our phones are currently down. Please email our secretary at (262) 248-5255