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Being a small school Mt. Zion is a family-oriented ministry. We have a low student to teacher ratio, and we have room for your student. With our small class sizes, the students get to know each other well and are often friends outside of the school. Parents will also get to know each other and have fellowship both at school events and elsewhere. We offer Spanish to grades 3 and up, we have a tutor available for students who may need a little extra help, and we try to accommodate special requests and needs as possible.

Enrollment at Mt. Zion is open for the 2018-2019 school year. Please fill out the online form.

Link to continuous enrollment form. This is the form for continuous enrollment for returning students.

Link to traditional enrollment. This is the form for traditional enrollment.

Link to CFS (Confidential Financial Services) application for financial aid. You will need the Mt. Zion CFS number 85255 in the application process.

Link to the New Student registration form. Fill out this form online for NEW students.

Link for PreK registration. Please fill out this form for registration to PreK.