Tuition + Enrollment

Preschool                    $1,593.                  Three half days

Kindergarten               $2,805.                  Three full days

Elementary                  $4,576.                  *Financial assistance is available

Enrollment Options

Yearly Enrollment

If you are unsure of your longterm plans, yearly enrollment is a great option! This is a traditional registration for school. Simply fill out the form for the coming school year.

Continuous Enrollment

If you feel your child(ren) will be enrolled and continue their education at MZCS, this is a great option! It allows you to fill out the enrollment form(s) one time. Yes, one time! No need to refill out the same information, year after year. Instead, you simply let us know if your child will not be returning, or if any information has changed. Other than that, you are good to go! Less paperwork for you, and more stable counting of enrollment for us! It’s a win/win.

"As a ministry, we want to make Christian education
available for all who desire it for their children."

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